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When we think of Croatia, most of us think of long summer vacations; however, you can also get your money's worth on a short vacation in Croatia. Most Croatian cities are relatively small, so you can see and experience a lot in just a few days. But also the diverse and idyllic nature of the country invites you to discover and relax.

Visit the national parks, mountains, rivers, Adriatic coast and islands, discover the charming villages, explore the medieval towns, enjoy the food, meet locals and learn about their traditions. A short vacation in Croatia is ideal to discover some of the treasures of this wonderful country.

The best places for your short vacation in Croatia

If you plan to spend your short vacation in Croatia, you should definitely visit one of the following places:


Rovinji, as one of Croatia's most popular resorts, has much to offer its visitors and is just the right size for an unforgettable weekend. It combines impressive architecture and sights with beautiful beaches and is a well-known meeting place for artists. The traditional fishing town attracts residents and visitors with large markets and regional delicacies as well as with its enchanting nature and offers the perfect template for your short vacation in Croatia.


This formerly insignificant coastal town was completely renovated some time ago. The new sights like the "Sea Organ" and the "Sun Salutation" as well as the "Arsenal" - an art center in a beautifully restored Venetian armory - make Zadar a wonderful destination for a short vacation in Croatia. Apart from that, the impressive old churches will leave you in awe and the nightlife here has a lot to offer as well.


Croatia's main ferry port is one of the most promising destinations for a short vacation in Croatia, with its unique bistros, numerous sights and the best club scene on the Adriatic coast. Split was already a vibrant center in Roman times. As a result, the area around the ancient Roman palace is full of unique historical and artistic treasures. Among the most popular attractions are numerous museums and galleries that make the city a fascinating destination for art lovers and history buffs.


The small airport and good bus connections make Pula a sought-after destination for a short vacation in Croatia. The city is known for its lively shopping district and is considered the commercial center of Istria. There are many attractions to keep you entertained - such as the spectacularly renovated Sveta Srca Church or the dilapidated but exciting Museum of Contemporary Art. But the city's flagship is still the Roman amphitheater.


The island krk is one of the most popular travel destinations for Germans and is perfect for a short vacation in Croatia, where crystal clear water and white beaches await you as well as great regional cuisine. The island offers not only numerous beaches and bays, but also many sights.

Leisure offers for your short vacation in Croatia

Regardless of where you spend your short vacation in Croatia, you will find interesting leisure activities everywhere. Especially popular are hiking tours through the Velebit mountains, sailing tours along the southern Croatian islands as well as kayaking and camping at the Zrmanja River or Lake Plitvice. The huge Paklenica National Park also invites you to hike and explore.

So, if you don't feel like city trips and sightseeing, you will find plenty of opportunities to experience adventures in nature in Croatia.

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