Sailing vacation Croatia - sightseeing from the water

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If you want to spend a varied and exciting vacation, you should choose a sailing vacation in Croatia.

When sailing in Croatia you can charter many yachts also for short trips and otherwise spend the time in the luxurious comfort of a villa from Crovillas. So you can cleverly combine a sailing and land vacation.

After all, shopping in the many small stores and boutiques and dining in the hospitable restaurants should not be neglected during a sailing vacation in Croatia. And a wild party night in the countless clubs also has its charms on a sailing vacation in Croatia, right?

In which area would you like to set sail?

Croatia is an extremely popular and attractive sailing area, where you will find over 1000 islands where you can go ashore in romantic bays or historic harbors. During your sailing vacation in Croatia you can admire completely different landscapes - barren rocks, lush forests, fine beaches.

Thereby, you can already decide on an approximate region that you want to explore more closely before the start of your sailing vacation in Croatia:

- Istria
- Kvarner Bay
- Dalmatia

Each environment has its own charms and is therefore also suitable for different types of sailing vacations in Croatia - do you want to romantically sail over the water with your partner or together with friends neither miss the sights nor the party hotspots on land?

Sailing vacations Croatia - what to see where?

Whether at sea or on land - Croatia has something to offer everywhere, even on a sailing vacation:

- Peninsula Istria. We recommend a stop in Porec at the beautiful promenade. Along the coast you will find many more charming small towns like Novigrad, Rovinj or Pula, which will immediately captivate you with their ancient Mediterranean charm. Here you will also find many small and uninhabited islands off the coast, which invite you to a romantic stop.
- The Kvarner Bay with the popular island Krk as well as the town of the same name, you should definitely have a look at during your shore excursion. Most charter sailors start anyway directly from the island. So you can easily combine an island vacation with a sailing trip. A pure sailing vacation in Croatia would be too bad without a shore excursion, because here you will find many attractive towns with countless sights that want to be visited by you.
- In Dalmatia, you can visit the famous Kornati National Park and should definitely pass through Split and Zadar. Especially in North Dalmatia you will find a number of must-see big cities with charming historic old towns. In Northern Dalmatia a quiet and protected sailing is possible, because there is practically never a strong swell. Here there are mainly cozy old fishing villages with cute little village stores and hospitable restaurants. In Central and Southern Dalmatia life pulsates. Especially in Dubrovnik or Split there is a lot to see and experience!

What costs do you have to pay?

There is a sailing vacation in Croatia for every budget:

- It will be more expensive as a family if only the head of the family pays and cheaper if friends travel and can share the costs.
- To be considered are the costs for: charter, mooring fees, fuel, food.
- Sailing with or without a skipper? Professional skippers are the safest option especially for beginners. They know everything and you can you on board just enjoy the vacation.
- You also have the choice of splitting your sailing vacation in Croatia into a proportionally more expensive sailing trip and an inexpensive land vacation.

Book now and plan your sailing vacation

For the ultimate sailing vacation in Croatia, many of our customers book a yacht with skipper on a pro-rata basis and spend the rest of the time in one of our gorgeous luxury villas. This way, one part of the villages can be explored from the water and the other can be experienced up close during daily excursions - and there is enough time for swimming and sunbathing as well, both on the beach and in your own pool.

Check out our fantastic accommodations in Croatia now and book your vacation and dream villa today! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will of course be happy to help you at any time.