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To stand on the terrace with a cup of hot coffee and let the view wander over the bright blue sea of Croatia - That sounds like a dream? With a villa with a sea view, this dream can soon come true for you. Whether you're planning a trip with your friends or a quiet family vacation, with Croatia's wide selection and diversity, there's a villa with a sea view for you.

Villa with sea view - The bright blue sea

Croatia has a few assets to offer: Whether it's the fantastic food, the picturesque towns or the esteemed hospitality of the Croatians, there are many reasons why numerous visitors return to Croatia year after year to relax and unwind.

If you ask about Croatia's greatest attraction, the answer will undoubtedly be in any case: The brilliant blue sea of the Croatian coast. Croatia is proud of the exceptionally good quality of the water of the Adriatic coast, its numerous dream beaches and the exceptionally intense coloring of the sea water. With a villa with sea view you can enjoy this view completely relaxed and undisturbed.

Villa with sea view - Fantastic views for your dream vacation

An ocean view villa is the ultimate relaxation option for you and your fellow travelers. The intoxicating variety of blue tones of the sea offers an extraordinary spectacle every day and invites you to observe. The picturesque view of a sea view villa in Croatia will make every family dinner unforgettable, as well as every party with your friends.

Something for everyone: villa with sea view and other extras

Croatia is a diverse country that offers something for every vacation need. We, the team of Crovillas, have been traveling this country for years and have visited every accommodation we offer ourselves to guarantee absolute quality. It is important for us to offer a wide range of different accommodations, because tastes are different. In this way, everyone will find their dream accommodation with us.

Villa with sea view and modern furnishings

You appreciate a modern, luxurious ambience in your villa with sea view? How about the villa Kate in central Dalmatia, which also boasts a beautifully designed pool area? Also the villa Nova with high-quality furnishings in minimalist style and pool in Istria could be interesting for you. Especially for family vacations and people who value their privacy, the quiet location is a gift.

Villa with sea view in rustic style for an authentic vacation experience

Those who like it more traditional will appreciate our villas in rustic style. The traditional interior of villa Makar near Makarska in central Dalmatia provides southern flair and features a Jacuzzi with sea view.

Particularly charming is also the rustic-style villa Otus in Robinson style near Zadar, located directly on the first sea line and offering spectacular views.

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We at Crovillas fell head over heels in love with Croatia some time ago and since then we have been renting out luxurious villas that have been specially inspected and certified by us. Like nowhere else, you'll find the relaxation you crave in a sea view villa in Croatia.

Here you will have experiences that you will remember for a long time with your friends or family. If you too are ready for an unforgettable vacation, then click through our wide range of villas. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Together, we'll make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.