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A holiday in Croatia is a dream for many people, as it perfectly combines a beach holiday with a city and adventure holiday. But which region should you aim for? Istria, Dalmatia or perhaps the Kvarner Bay? Many people ultimately choose Dalmatia, one of the most beautiful regions in the country. And what else do you need for a dream holiday? Exactly, the perfect accommodation. Crovillas offers you and your family or friends a large number of holiday homes in Dalmatia.

A dream accommodation must have different factors depending on your wishes and tastes. For many people, a top holiday home in Dalmatia must have a heated outdoor pool with a large garden and plenty of privacy so that children and dogs can romp around outside. For other holidaymakers, modern interior design is more important. Regardless of what you are personally looking for - everyone will find their perfect holiday home in Dalmatia with us.

Holiday homes in Dalmatia: we have four places to choose from

Crovillas can offer no less than four exciting places in Dalmatia where holiday homes in Dalmatia can be booked. This not only allows for the perfect beach holiday, but also for visiting different sights. However, the region of Dalmatia is generally well connected, so that day trips in all four of the following places are possible at any time:

From Split to Brac, the selection of holiday homes in Dalmatia is wide and varied. Excursions to the Istrian peninsula or the Kvarner Bay are also recommended. Both destinations can be reached by car or yacht.

High-class additional services complement our holiday homes in Dalmatia

In addition to booking a first-class holiday home in Dalmatia, there is the opportunity to find other interesting extras to book. With a private chauffeur, the journey to and from the holiday home in Dalmatia becomes a very comfortable affair. In the back of the car you can relax and enjoy the view, because on the way from the airport to the holiday home, there will certainly be parts of the country worth seeing. Crovillas offers a babysitting service, which is of particular interest to families. When booking a holiday home in Dalmatia, there is also the offer of a private chef, who can spoil you with local delicacies after an exciting day - without having to leave the holiday home. The extras also include chartering a yacht or a small boat. This allows you to experience wonderful excursions at sea along the Mediterranean coast. With a luxury yacht, you can create an unforgettable day on a trip along the coast.

Aiming for the ideal Dalmatia trip with Crovillas

A trip to Dalmatia is a wonderful idea for all holidaymakers who want to experience the most beautiful corners of Croatia. By booking a holiday home in Dalmatia, you have the chance to reside in comfortable and luxurious accommodation. When searching via Crovillas, you will quickly find suitable holiday homes with a wide variety of offers, so that every taste is covered.

All our holiday homes in Dalmatia are oases of well-being and quiet retreats where the exciting days can end in peace. However, it is always possible to explore the Dalmatia region and visit the sights, because there is a lot to discover. For this reason, the best possible Croatia holiday can be spent with the support of Crovillas, which can be arranged exactly as desired. From relaxing by the pool to daily excursions on a yacht, everything is possible.

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