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If you want to feel like Captain Nemo, the protagonist of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", then a diving vacation in Croatia is the right thing for you. Here you won't reach this enormous depth, but you can explore the unique underwater world of the Adriatic Sea while diving and snorkeling.

For about 25 years, a diving vacation in Croatia has been more popular than ever with tourists from all over the world. There are many underwater caves and canyons and fascinating reefs. In addition, you will also find animals and plants on a diving vacation in Croatia that you can't observe anywhere else in the world. A dream for underwater photographers!

The crystal clear water, the fascinating plants, animals and rock formations invite you to discover and explore. The absolute highlight of this attractive diving landscape are the many ship and plane wrecks that you can discover under water.

With professional guides from one of the many diving schools and under observance of all necessary safety precautions you can dive into a foreign, but unique world. Your diving vacation in Croatia will be an unforgettable experience.

Diving vacation in Croatia: Diving with a diving school or on your own?

When diving in Croatia, you have the option to turn to a professional diving school that offers organized diving tours. Make sure that the schools have valid licenses and a certified dive guide. With the dive guide you are allowed to dive in all territorial waters, which are forbidden for individual divers.

You may also plan and carry out your diving vacation in Croatia on your own. Then you should inform yourself well in advance about where to see what, so that you can organize your diving trips well. You only need a diving license and a diving permit, but you are only allowed to dive in permitted diving zones. Attention: You dive at your own risk!

Diving Holidays Croatia - The Best Places to Dive

In Croatia you can dive best in Istria, the Kvarner Bay and Dalmatia. Basically recommended for a diving vacation in Croatia are for example:

- Brijun Islands with the diving hotspot Peneda and the wreck of the Austro-Hungarian passenger ship "Baron Gautsch"
- Korcula - here there are about 35 exciting dive sites with caves (Big Cave, Blue Hole) and shipwrecks like the Garda or the Boca, which are easily accessible.
. Kornati National Park - Here, too, lie many wrecks, but especially fascinating is the diverse environment with walls, reefs and cliffs, as well as countless species of animals.
- Krk - Flat coastal sections of the beautiful island are well suited for beginners.
- Kvarner Bay - here are especially many historical wrecks.
- Rab - Medova Bua bear cave is one of the most beautiful diving sites and is suitable for beginners.

If you want to snorkel for a change during your diving vacation in Croatia, we recommend the crystal clear dream bays on the coast near Stara Baska (Krk).

The absolute highlights of a diving vacation in Croatia: Diving to the wrecks

Most of the wrecks you can discover on your diving vacation in Croatia are located in the region of Istria, the island of Vis or even in Dalmatia near Split.

Wrecks in Istria:
- The British minesweeper Coriolanus off the coast of Novigrad
- The Italian minesweeper Giusepe Dezza (TA-35) south of Rovinj
- The armored ship Hans-Schmidt off the coast of Pula

Wrecks near Split - suitable only for experienced divers!
- The Italian military ship Re d'Italia
- The military ship Brijuni
- The Greek ship Vassilios is the largest wreck in the Adriatic Sea

Aircraft and submarine wrecks
When diving in Croatia, there are not only historic ships to admire underwater, but also crashed airplanes and sunken submarines.
- Rijeka: the German submarines UB-129 and U-82.
- Vis: Aircraft B-24 (accessible only with favorable flow).
- Zirje: Italian fighter-bomber Junkers Ju 87, easily accessible even by beginners

Tip for beginners
A great attraction during the diving vacation in Croatia are underwater museums such as the Historical Underwater Park Losinj. The objects set up are located at shallow depths and are therefore easily accessible.

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