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If you want to enjoy the hot months, a summer vacation in Croatia is just the right thing. The country is not known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic" for nothing. Beautiful houses with terracotta roofs nestle along the Adriatic coast and the azure sea invites you to swim and relax.

Further inland there are picturesque villages, rushing waterfalls, fascinating stalactite caves and the impressive cities. Whether you're looking for adventure in nature, exploring ancient cities or relaxing by the sea, a summer vacation in Croatia leaves nothing to be desired. And we at Crovillas offer you the right luxury villa for your dream vacation.

The advantages of a summer vacation in Croatia

As far as the weather is concerned, you can't go wrong with a summer vacation in Croatia, because the climate in Croatia invites you to sunbathe extensively and swim in the sea from June to August. The average temperature in the summer months is between 26.5° and 30° C and allows numerous activities for the whole family. From visiting the numerous sights of the country to sports activities and swimming in the sea, everything is possible.

If you spend a summer vacation in Croatia with your friends, you will find countless bars, nightclubs, cafes and party beaches not only in the bigger cities, but all along the Croatian Adriatic coast. Apart from this diverse nightlife, Croatia is also known for its numerous festivals. First and foremost, the internationally renowned Ultra Europe Festival, which takes place in Split from July 15-17.

Another advantage of summer vacation in Croatia is the possibility of commuting between the mainland and the numerous islands along the coast. In the high season you can take a ferry from the main ports like Rijeka, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik to all the islands.

Some popular places for a summer vacation in Croatia

There are many beautiful places in Croatia, each with its own unique charm and atmosphere. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is important to you during your summer vacation in Croatia: beach, sights and culture, nature, nightlife or a little bit of everything? Here is a brief overview of popular tourist destinations for a summer vacation in Croatia.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia and offers the perfect blend of history and modernity. The old town of Split is very well preserved and offers great sights such as the Cathedral of St. Domnius, Diocletian's Palace or the Temple of Jupiter. Nearby there are numerous beaches such as Bacvice, Bene and Znjan, which invite you to relax.

Also worth mentioning is the nightlife in Split. No matter if you like loud music and dancing or if you prefer to spend a cozy evening in a small circle. The city is bursting with trendy discos, cafes and bars.


Pula is a beautiful port city and the largest city in Istria. With its historic old town and beautiful beaches, it offers visitors and locals many sights and numerous opportunities for swimming and relaxing. Active vacationers also get their money's worth here and can snorkel, dive, kayak and rock jump. The many cafes and restaurants invite you to try and linger with fresh regional cuisine.


krk is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea and a popular vacation spot. While the crystal clear waters and beaches are inviting for swimming and sunbathing, the island has numerous sights to offer to all culture enthusiasts. Fresh regional food and wine as well as hospitable people make the dream vacation perfect for families as well as groups.

Accommodation options for summer vacation in Croatia

There is no question that Croatia is an absolute top travel destination in summer. However, the accommodation in which you spend your summer vacation in Croatia is also crucial. Crovillas offers you luxuriously equipped villas in numerous locations in Croatia for your dream vacation. Whether quiet and secluded or in the middle of the vibrant cities - with us everyone will find the right dream villa for his summer vacation in Croatia.

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