Croatia vacation by the sea

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A Croatia vacation by the sea inspires numerous people every year. This is because Croatia has many different corners and cities to offer, each aimed at different target groups with individual interests. For example, there are tourist strongholds such as Split or Rijeka, which are particularly popular with city fans. The combination of city flair and proximity to the sea is what makes these destinations so appealing.

However, there are many other places that are excellent for a vacation in Croatia by the sea. These include, for example, the island of Krk, which is particularly aimed at family travelers. On the other hand, those who want to experience as much nature as possible and travel in an unspoiled landscape should pay a visit to Istria.

Leisure activities during a Croatia vacation by the sea

Croatia is rich in sights and special features that make a Croatia vacation by the sea something very special. The distances are comparatively short, so that numerous highlights can be visited from different vacation destinations. For nature lovers, a visit to the Plitvice Lakes National Park should definitely be on the program. This is the largest national park in the country, which scores especially with its beautiful and clean lakes. Another natural highlight is the Blue Grotto. It is located on the island of Bisevo and can be visited during a day trip.

If you want to get to know some Roman flair and an impressive building during a Croatia vacation by the sea, the amphitheater of Pula is just right. While for a long time it was the scene of bloody battles for life and death, nowadays it is mainly used for concerts. If you want to get to know the unique beauty and the real life feeling of Croatia, you should pay a visit to Hum. This is a city that is just the size of a soccer field and invites you to linger and stroll.

Planning a Croatia Vacation by the Sea

A Croatia vacation by the sea is extremely uncomplicated for EU citizens thanks to the Schengen Agreement. They only need to have their identity card with them to be able to identify themselves. Croatia has a Mediterranean climate, but the winters can be cold. During this time of the year, you should bring warm clothing. If you want to know something about your destination and the sights there, you can contact the Croatian tourist office. Here you can find a lot of information and flyers on various topics.

It is worth investing a little time in the preparation of the Croatia vacation by the sea. This way you can save a lot of time on the spot. If you know different sights, restaurants and railroad networks in individual cities, you can easily orientate yourself. Thus, the vacation becomes a pleasure and succeeds stress-free. It is not absolutely necessary to stick strictly to your own plan, but basically it gives a good orientation and helps to get the best out of your vacation.

Luxury villas - Live comfortably on a Croatia vacation by the sea

Another reason for which many people choose a Croatia vacation by the sea is that this country is suitable for very different types of vacations: Beach vacation, family vacation, city vacation or also vacation with dog are easily possible.

Thus, from Crovillas we offer gorgeous villas in numerous localities. Since these belong to private individuals, the result is a completely authentic vacation experience. The villas are all modernly equipped, well maintained and perfectly located. A pool as well as numerous extras like a private chef complete each luxury villa. So nothing stands in the way of a dream vacation by the sea!

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