Croatia vacation with children

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A Croatia vacation with children is extremely popular because there are many great experiences for the whole family in this vacation region. Croatia is rich in great beaches, so you can swim, splash and dive. Children get excited about building sand castles, getting buried up to their necks in the sand or playing various ball games. In addition, Croatia offers the possibility of spending an island vacation on Krk or one of the many other islands, which creates a sense of adventure and excitement in children.

A Croatia vacation with children can be quite different. There are small places like Hum or big cities like Split that can be visited. Others opt for excursions to the numerous bays by the sea. Likewise, Croatia is rich in unspoiled nature and national parks that can be explored on a variety of hiking and biking tours. Depending on personal preferences, there is thus the perfect destination in each case.

The right accommodation - this is important for a Croatia vacation with children

For a Croatia vacation with children we have the right accommodation. All our villas are modern and comfortably equipped and have a pool and enough space so that the children have plenty of room to relax, play and romp. Because on a Croatia vacation with children, a child-friendly atmosphere is especially important. The children should not feel that they have to be quiet all the time. Play areas, slides in the garden and child-friendly rooms are therefore the be-all and end-all.

Children have their own tastes, which is why a private cook can be booked as an extra to all our villas on a Croatia vacation with children. You can enjoy these advantages on a Croatia vacation with children in all our beautiful villas:

- a child friendly atmosphere
- child-friendly equipment
- Child locks in the rooms
- Playing facilities in the garden and in the rooms
- childcare by a babysitter if needed
- Recreational activities for children of different ages

Having a good time on a Croatia vacation with kids

Depending on the age of the children, a different leisure program must be offered during the Croatia vacation with children. Especially smaller children are enthusiastic about almost everything and therefore have no problem to spend several days in a row on the beach. For older ones, on the other hand, it is interesting to take advantage of various offers such as surfing or diving. It is advisable to look into the various leisure facilities in advance of the Croatia vacation with children and to create a concrete vacation plan.

It is a good idea to involve the children in the planning. This way, they can say specifically what is important to them about the vacation and which sights they absolutely want to visit. Such teamwork ensures that there is something for everyone on the trip. It also increases anticipation and makes the time on site particularly enjoyable.

Assistance in planning a Croatia vacation with children

Planning a Croatia vacation with children offers almost endless possibilities. It is not always easy for parents to keep track of everything and to create a vacation plan that fits perfectly. That's why it pays to work with professionals for travel planning. The team at Crovillas will be happy to help you prepare for your trip and work with you to determine your family's personal needs and preferences.

We know a lot about Croatia holidays with children and will be happy to introduce you to suitable destinations, accommodation and experiences. The best thing is to contact us directly and get to know Croatia from a completely new and unusual side on a holiday with children.