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The dog is not only man's best friend, he is also a real member of the family. Reason enough not to leave him at home or in a vacation facility for dogs on vacation. There are many ways to organize a vacation in Croatia with dog and spend a great time together.

Croatia is a great vacation destination for dogs, because there is a fascinating and unique nature. Thus, there is the possibility of a vacation in Croatia with dog to ensure that the pet is in a species-appropriate environment and can get to know new regions. Especially for dogs that otherwise live in a big city, such a vacation in Croatia with dog often represents as much relaxation as for humans.

Like this your vacation in Croatia with dog becomes an unforgettable beautiful experience

If you are planning a vacation in Croatia with a dog, you need to organize pet-friendly leisure activities. These include, above all, excursions into nature. Croatia is rich in national parks and forests. Thus, there is ample opportunity to take extensive walks. There are also a considerable number of dog beaches, where dogs are not only welcome, but downright encouraged. Likewise, there are many sights in Croatia that may be visited with a dog.

On a vacation in Croatia with a dog, everyone should get their money's worth. Therefore, villas near the beach are usually chosen for family vacations. Here you can find different attractions and highlights, which are aimed at children, teenagers and adults alike. Thus, there is the possibility to consider the interests of all fellow travelers and to offer everyone something nice.

Preparing for a vacation in Croatia with dog

For a vacation in Croatia with a dog, various preparations must be made. It is necessary to bring an EU pet passport and a vaccination certificate. In addition, it is important to have one or more dog leashes available in order to be able to take the animal with you everywhere if possible. A sleeping blanket for the dog is comfortable and gives him a feeling of home through the smell, which helps against homesickness. For food, it is convenient to have a water and food bowl with you.

Many dogs attach great importance to the fact that their favorite toy and some snacks are taken along. Just in case, when vacationing in Croatia with a dog, it is also a good idea to have a first-aid kit with you that includes pet medications. A brush is handy, as in warmer regions dogs tend to shed more. Last but not least, a muzzle and a poop bag are often not only practical, but occasionally even mandatory.

Housing - these accommodations are suitable for a vacation in Croatia with dog

In order to make a vacation in Croatia with a dog a pleasant experience for all involved, it is necessary to find suitable accommodation. When choosing the right accommodation, there are several criteria to consider. For example, there should be a large garden or exercise area so that the dog does not always have to stay indoors. It is crucial that the property is well fenced, so that the animal can move freely and does not run away. Likewise, it is helpful if a dog beach are nearby. Here is what matters for accommodation on a vacation in Croatia with dog

- Garden or exercise area
- Proximity to the dog beach
- Fencing
- observe the maximum number of dogs
- choose accommodation in the nature

Whether Istria, Kvarner Bay or any other place - with us from Crovillas all villas allow a dream vacation with the beloved four-legged friend. The villas have enough space and their great location allows long walks in the forest or by the sea. Do you have any questions? Then contact us!