Frequently Asked Questions

1. Booking

1.1. How can I book a villa? - 1.2. What is a non-binding enquiry? - 1.3. We are interested in a villa. Can Crovillas reserve the date? - 1.4. Is there a minimum stay in the villas and can I arrive on any day of the week? - 1.5. Is the booking calendar on always up-to-date? - 1.6. A villa is indicated with the occupancy 4+2 persons, what does the +2 stand for? - 1.7. We would like to book a villa that is designated for 6 people. Can I exceed the number of persons? - 1.8. We would like to bring our pet with us. Is this allowed? - 1.9.In the offer/booking we speak of a deposit. How is this to be understood? - 1.10.When will we receive the address of the villa? - 1.11. We are a larger group. Can we split the costs and transfer them individually? - 1.12. When and how should I make the final payment? - 1.13. I would like to book a villa, how much is the deposit and when is it due? -

2. Arrival and your stay in the Villa

2.1. Is earlier check-in possible? - 2.2. Is a later check-out possible? - 2.3. What do I do in the event of a flight delay or a major traffic jam? How can I inform that we will arrive late at the villa? - 2.4. Do we have to identify ourselves on site? - 2.5. My navigation system cannot find the villa.

3. COVID-19

3.1. Can I cancel my booked trip free of charge? - 3.2. What does CROVILLAS offer? - 3.3. Can I rebook a villa if I do not want to travel because of COVID-19? - 3.4. Will I get a voucher if I do not travel to the desired can rebook the travel period? - 3.5. Does our travel cancellation insurance cover? - 3.6. What are the current COVID-19 measures in Croatia? - 3.7. Are there separate return travel regulations from Croatia? - 3.8. What happens if transit through Slovenia and Croatia is prohibited? - 3.9. Can I rely on the hygiene in the villa? - If your questions are still open after the FAQ's, please contact us with an E-Mail to [email protected].

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